Thursday, March 1, 2012


I Hi Dolls,

Well i truly miss summer around here i miss the sun shining the blue skies and the kids playing outside. So in honor of the sooo absent blue skies i did a makeup look to put a little blue in my life :) Also can i just say my new mirror is so GREAT!!!!

this look was done with all blues and whites and a little black liquid liner.

I have to say i love E.L.F's False Lashes and for only a $1 its a steal!!!

E.L.F duo eyeshadow sorry don't know what color they no longer have it on the website and E.L.F light blue from the 144 palette,  a little midnight blue liner from E.L.F on the waterline and A Little NYX Electric blue right under that, a little NYX Blush in Peach and NYX lipstick in pink lyric. :)

So far i have tried all the lipsticks i have got with the past week and have to say i actually like the all!! I have also tried the blushes which i also love!! I have also tried all the eyeshadow and for the most part i like them all a little less then others as they are not as well pigmented. My next post will probably be a swatch of all the eyeliners i got. :) Hope you all have a great day !!


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