Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hollywood style Vanity Mirror Completed!!!!!!

Hi Dolls,

OMG!!!!!!!! ITS DONE & SO GORGEOUS!!!! before i show you pictures let me just say my husband is the best !!! He made this mirror from scratch and instead of paying $400 for this mirror i really wanted he went to a few stores bought what he needed and made me a gorgeous mirror that i am in love with!!!! Thank you so much babe!!! You are such a great husband!! I love you!!! 

with lights off sorry hard to get a great picture lat at night LOL

with lights on , it is so bright we may have to lower bulb wattage
But i am so loving this mirror i can't wait until tomorrow to do a few make-up looks using it :) Oh and if your wondering he spent $170 to build the whole thing . Thank you again to my husband!!!


My E.L.F and Cherry Culture buys

Hi Dolls,

SO its been a few days but i was patiently waiting for my E.L.F  and Cherry Culture buys to come in and let me tell you it was a hard wait Haha! Well i got half of my E.L.F order on fans All my Cherry Culture order Friday and just got the last half of my E.L.F order a few hours ago. Yay!!!! But first let me say in the first half of my order i got the E.L.F mineral Primer and OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!! It goes on so smooth and soft and drys like there is nothing there and its a great buy for only $6 !!! Also i bought this weird like eyebrow stencil thing from Cherry culture I'm not real sure the brand name but its weird it seems way to long for my eyebrows and if i was to use the stencil i would look foolish. But i will use it and take a picture and show you guys what i mean and u let me know what u think. I was so excited to get my orders in let the makeup  collecting begin haha! I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos as of lately ones with makeup storage and makeup hauls and I'm loving them i think I'm addicted .
4 Lip gloss, one eyeliner special which came with 2 kohl eyeliners and one liquid, face primer, 3 eyelashes 2 individual lashes, 1contouring blush and bronzing, 7 Shimmer eyeliners, 12 different makeup brushes, 1 Kabuki brush, 1 stipple brush, 2 lipsticks, 1 wrinkle refiner, and 1 of the 144 palettes.

1 Weird eyebrow stencil, 1 Nyx mascara, 1 l.a colors mascara, 3 nyx color liners, 3 nyx lipsticks, 2 nyx blush, 1 L.a colors lashes, 1 nyx eyebrow shaper.

4black lashes , 2 brown lashes, 1 make-up lock and seal, 1 mascara primer, 1 eyelash kit ( has 1 pair of lashes 1 tweezers, 1 eyelash curler travel size and one glue ) , 4 eyeshadow quads, 4 lip gloss, 3 glitter gloss, 6 matte eye shadows. 1 contouring blush bronzer.
   Oh and hubby has been working hard on the mirror hopefully by this weekend ill have a picture to share with you guys!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Purple People Eater

HI Dolls,

Well in honor of my little sisters birthday yesterday. ( 17 is not little haha ) Anyways so yesterday was my younger sisters birthday and today i decided to do this for her. Since her favorite color is purple i decided to down an all purple eyeshadow. Haha I love you my pookie (childhood nickname) also i added sum fun clip in purple hair extensions.  Oh and I am out of lashes or i would of had some on . LOL 

i used M.A.C's grape eyeshadow 

A lighter purple from my E.L.F beauty book 

& here u can see the purple extension which i got from Hot Topic

                                                                       I am still learning how to get this pics to come out good its getting a little better, it would help to if the sun was actually out haha!

I am hoping to get my E.L.F Order in within the next few days i can't wait to share with you guys all the things i got . I also placed a little order on cherry culture so as soon as i get that also i will share with you guys. :)


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

E.L.F Bogo

HI Dolls,
E.L.F is having a bogo sale on some of there items only until February 27th so if there is anything you love take a look maybe its on bogo. I got me a few pairs of lashes and some other things maybe ill do a haul photo shoot when i get my package in ;) I'm excited to join this new community of bloggers. i have so many ideas that i want to do but right now i really have to figure out my camera , i think my makeup always looks washed out or not as bright as it is in person and its making me crazy!!! (i have a Nikon coolpix L100) My husband is still working on my mirror he says it will take a little longer then i original thought not as simple as i would like to think. But it is coming along so nicely , i can't wait for you guys to see it !!! Also HI to my new follower Nykkey B. ;) She has some great photos and tutorials check her out!!! I know i have a lot of questions for her, i hope she doesn't mind haha. Well off to play with my camera some more to see if i can figure it out oh and yes i have the manual and I'm slowly thumbing through it to see if i can figure it out. Well goodnight sweet dreams and kisses :*


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras

Hi Dolls, 
So in honor of Mardi Gras i decided to do a Mardi Gras inspired make-up look.The color were easy to pick and the all together look was simple start to finish maybe took 30 mins. 

I love how all the colors sit together :) 

The is the whole look a nice magenta lip and some cherry pink blush

Also my husband has been busy today making me a Hollywood style vanity mirror. I love him so much i show him what i want and he says i can make that so that's what he has been doing:). As soon as its done which I'm hoping will be in a day or two i will post a pics for you to see. ;) Hope you enjoy your day!!!


Monday, February 20, 2012

St.Patricks Day look

So i have been messing around with a look for St. Patricks day and here is what i came up with. 
                 i love how the green makes the green in my eyes pop

mascara came out a little clumpy maybe because i was rushing 

I did this look with all E.L.F shadows and liners and mascara. The hearts were nail decorations that i used eyebrow adhesive to attach to my eyelid. So let me know what you guys think .


Hello Beauties

Hi dolls , This is the start of my blogging adventure. Well i decided to start something in the blogging world finally, i have been wanting to make one for a long time but recently got the push to do so. I decided to start a blog because  i am a stay at home mom  who loves anything beauty and just wanted to share my thoughts and experiences. So bare with me and know i am new to this and any tips,tricks,advice would be greatly appreciated.