Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mondays Mature look

Hi Dolls,

So yesterday i did make-up on a women who is in her late 40's and it was very different then doing make-up on myself. I know how the makeup sits on my face and when you do someone else's make-up you never know if it will sit the same are not. But for the most part it worked out really well i think. Anyways it was so much fun she is not a person who wears a lot of makeup and she doesn't even wear lashes. Ahhhh lashes are a girls best friend!!!! But she liked how they looked so much that i think she will be wearing them a lot more . I pulled out my bottom lash protector thing so the mascara doesn't get on your skin when you put it on your lower lashes and she could not stop laughing her eyes were watering it was the funniest thing she said she didn't know how the models do this  haha. Anyways here's the look. Its not great quality it was taken on a cell phone i forgot my camera. :(

She is gorgeous  with r without makeup:)

Well that was my Monday and my Tuesday was not so eventful i had to go get a few things for kids about me picture projects and few things for the house. now we are going through pictures and figuring what is going to go on there poster boards. Hope you all are having a great day!!


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