Friday, March 16, 2012

Is there a such thing ???

Hi Dolls,

So today as i was sitting washing all my makeup brushes which i don't think is a lot (38). I got to thinking is there a such thing as too many brushes ??? I think not , But if you ask my husband he would say yes and why do you need those can't you use your finger  ??? Haha
But anyways i was washing away and was thinking how i wanted some more brushes because this one doesn't work as good as that one and i could really use another of this or that and then i had this thought...... AM I GOING TO BECOME SOME KIND OF MAKEUP BRUSH HOARDER??? AHHHHHHH
 In my mind you can never have to many brushes especially if you are like me and use 3-5 different colors . So i was just wondering your guys opinions on this . Also i want to apologize for my lack of actual makeup pictures i am letting my eyebrows grow back in and i just can't stand how they look right now haha. But i will be posting pics again soon i swear they are almost able to be filled in to where it doesn't look nasty. :)
Onto other things i ordered some more makeup the other day from E.L.F i got these Matte Lipsticks and let me just say their natural and nudes are sooo GREAT!!! I always have a hard time finding a nude to cover my lips because my lips are extra dark or something and i usually have to put a little concealer on my lips ,  But with these ones i don't have to and they go on so smooth!!!! Also if you like E.L.F's eyeshadow Palettes they have a new one out for spring and it has some nice colors in it. It will be in my next order of course!!!! If you guys are wondering since i did just start blogging about makeup  i don't want to go out and spend lots of money on makeup yet so i will build my collection with the cheaper stuff first and gradually add in a few more expensive items!!! I can't wait to order some urban decay palettes everybody raves on YouTube and blogs that i read about and i have to get my hands on one to see if they are just as good as they say! But i just can't see spending 50 dollars on one palette when i can get 5 E.L.F 100 shadow palettes for the same price. Well OK i goes that's enough rambling for today!!! Hope to hear from you guys about your makeup brush thoughts!!!! :)


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