Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hollywood style Vanity Mirror Completed!!!!!!

Hi Dolls,

OMG!!!!!!!! ITS DONE & SO GORGEOUS!!!! before i show you pictures let me just say my husband is the best !!! He made this mirror from scratch and instead of paying $400 for this mirror i really wanted he went to a few stores bought what he needed and made me a gorgeous mirror that i am in love with!!!! Thank you so much babe!!! You are such a great husband!! I love you!!! 

with lights off sorry hard to get a great picture lat at night LOL

with lights on , it is so bright we may have to lower bulb wattage
But i am so loving this mirror i can't wait until tomorrow to do a few make-up looks using it :) Oh and if your wondering he spent $170 to build the whole thing . Thank you again to my husband!!!



  1. Thats a nice mirror let us all know how it works when you do your makeup in it.

  2. How did he make it I would love rhis for my daughter