Sunday, March 4, 2012

PLAYING MAKEUP (picture Heavy)

Hi Dolls,

So today my daughter wanted to try and play with the makeup after she watched some YouTube videos of little girls doing monster high makeup. Which i think right now is every little girls favorite doll!!So i pulled out some Halloween makeup and let her have a go at it now i think she did really well she doesn't get to put makeup on like that. I mean she has a few kid sets but this was all Mommy's makeup which made it super fun for her. I see a future makeup artist when she does her makeup lol she took her time and tried very hard to get everything even and just right. The only thing she asked me for help with was showing her how to line the top of her eye i did one side she did the other. So now i am typing this up and she is attempting to do another monster high doll makeup lol and she's just having a blast!

Putting face primer on 
Making her face white and abbey abominable sitting helping her out (the monster high doll)

Blending all the white face make-up in 


adding Blue to her face

blue added and purple eyebrows

putting on pink eyeshadow

putting on her mascara after her eyeliner

dusting glitter all over her face

deciding which lip color she would like to use

adding her pink lips

all done with her furry white hat

haha she doesn't even look like my Ki-Ki

taking it off she thought it was funny how half of her face was done and the other half wasn't 
So i think for her first all over makeup application i think she has did really well. For a 7 year old!!
Also Hubby is out of town this week so i will have a few more post then normal. I like to keep myself busy when he is gone so time goes by quicker. One look i may have for you guys this week is a look for mature women not quite sure yet but hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday.
Well she is finishing up her second look so i need to clean my gazillion brushes she used haha. Hope you all have a nice day.


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  1. Very good job for such a young artist.Would love to see the look for a more mature audience.