Thursday, March 29, 2012

Whats in my Birchbox ??? And a little Surprise

Hi Dolls,

So  got my First birch box in about a week ago and didn't post about it because i wanted to try the things out before letting you know what i thought.

Now i didn't take a picture of all the things in the box separate because i know I'm am probably the last person to write a post about my birch order. But there were some very nice things in the box and some that i didn't care for. 

So the things i actually loved in the box were three things!!! The first thing i desperately need for my color treated hair and that is Orofluido Beauty elixir Its a hair treatment with 3 oils in it but the smell of this hair oil is to die for !!!!! It is Vanilla amber scent and oh my does it just smell so delicious!!!Also i had only used it 2x this week but i think it makes my hair feel better and a little goes such a long way!!!!
Next thing would be the Jouer a luminizing moisture tint i love love love this for the days i don't wear any makeup u just put a little all over your face and it gives you a nice fresh glow and it helps hide any little imperfections!!! Now the 3rd thing i would have to say it was a tie between AHAVA essential day moisturizer and the color club nail polish in Peace out purple!!! The lotion has such a clean smell not to strong and moisturizes well without leaving a tacky feeling. The Nail polish well it goes on great and drys fairly quickly!

The things i didn't care for much was a perfume sample by Annick Goutal and not because it smells bad just because it is very strong even with only a little dab on i felt like i poured the whole bottle on me . The second thing was the tea forte' i am not huge fan of tea but i do drink a cup every once in a while well i can say i will never buy these teas they just didn't taste great to me i let them steep for about 3 minutes each and they were still bitter so i don't know if any of you have tried these and had a different experience please share!!! But all in all i am very happy with my very first birch box order and will continue on!!!

Now there is one more surprise for you guys there has been a little thing that has been keeping me pretty busy as of lately and her name is BELLA ! She is a gorgeous maltese yorkie mix and she is such a nice dog we have had her for about two weeks now and she has been pretty good a few accidents but not to bad she's only 10 weeks old now so i will start the training soon. But anyways heres a picture for you all to gush over .:) And yes she has a bow in already it says its best to teach her now to love them so i made a few for her and have been putting them in so she will love them when her hair is long.


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  1. aww Bella is adorable! You'll have to keep us updated on her.

    I have tagged you in the 11 Questions Tag. here is the link to the post.