Wednesday, February 22, 2012

E.L.F Bogo

HI Dolls,
E.L.F is having a bogo sale on some of there items only until February 27th so if there is anything you love take a look maybe its on bogo. I got me a few pairs of lashes and some other things maybe ill do a haul photo shoot when i get my package in ;) I'm excited to join this new community of bloggers. i have so many ideas that i want to do but right now i really have to figure out my camera , i think my makeup always looks washed out or not as bright as it is in person and its making me crazy!!! (i have a Nikon coolpix L100) My husband is still working on my mirror he says it will take a little longer then i original thought not as simple as i would like to think. But it is coming along so nicely , i can't wait for you guys to see it !!! Also HI to my new follower Nykkey B. ;) She has some great photos and tutorials check her out!!! I know i have a lot of questions for her, i hope she doesn't mind haha. Well off to play with my camera some more to see if i can figure it out oh and yes i have the manual and I'm slowly thumbing through it to see if i can figure it out. Well goodnight sweet dreams and kisses :*


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